Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Word To The Wise

My Mighty Murphys bake a lot of cookies.  I mean, like, on a weekly basis.  We're homemade cookie freaks.  This week, we made our Halloween sugar cookies.  Maguire reads the recipes; I do the heavy mixing; Gan asks the questions; and then we all decorate, even Roj.  

This year, my Mighty Murphys did not disappoint.  Seriously, look at the artistry in these cookies.  There're the Picasso-esque cookies, the traditional-Halloween-themed cookies, the Jackson Pollock cookie - - a little something for every art lover.  If you squint, there's one that even looks a little like an Impressionist Era meadow field or something.  Talent, I tell you, they've got talent.  

Here they are, hard at work.

The true work of art was my kitchen floor.  It did not have thousands of tiny little sprinkles on it post-cookie.  We've never achieved this level of cleanliness post-cookie. Sigh...they're growing up.  

We're sharers too.  We like to share the cookie love.  But before you indulge in a Mighty Murphy cookie, we'd be remiss if we didn't give you a little warning.  DO NOT EAT THE ROJO COOKIES.  He's a spoon-licker and a double-dipper.  Lord only knows what kind of little germs he's got on him at any given moment.  He eats dirt, what can I say?

The big kids were happy to show off their creations when all was said and done.

And Roj ended up where he always ends up post-cookie - - in a full body wash.

So, this Halloween, stay clean, stay healthy, and stay away from cookies with fingerprints and lick marks.  Words to live by.


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