Friday, October 21, 2011

We Tech Therefore We Are

We went through a technology purge at our house a month or so ago.  Ryan and I got lazy toward the end of summer, and the kids had far too much access to TV and the "i"s that dominate our household (iPhone, iPad, iTunes etc.).  As part of the purge, the kids get a certain amount of "tech time" during the week but, once it's gone, it's gone.  The purge has been a good thing - highly successful.   

Post-purge, I synced my iPad and found evidence of some creativity and ingenuity, which was further proof to my theory that I'm not totally dulling any sense of fun left in my kids' right brains by allowing them access to the "i"s.  

Here's what I saw...
Picasso-like art?

Gannon yawning?

Gannon as Rodin's thinker?

Gannon or Ronan - guess?

The nukkie solves the riddle.

Ronan and, along with his sister, one of the two best babysitters in the world - don't even bother asking for his number because we don't share him.

Maguire?  Pretty sure Maguire.

Definitely Maguire. 

Pretty sure this is Gannon's eyeball, but I'm making no guarantees.

This stuff is pretty darn cool.  The sad part is that none of my kids are willing to use their tech time to show me how to do it.  


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