Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The post to be named later....

I was taking the kids to tennis today when Gan suddenly said, "Hey Mom.  Wheeeeeere's Titty-Toes?!?"  I asked him what he said, and he repeated it, in the same voice, like some game show host.  I asked him where he heard that word, and he said he just used his "noggin'" to think it up.  

I laughed my pants off, and then I had a little talk with him about how "titty" is not a nice word.  We clarified that it's not actually a swear word, but that it's not a nice word and he's not allowed to use it.  He asked me what it meant, and I told him it was a crass word for breasts.  He said, "When you say 'breasts,' you mean boobies right?"  I could tell I was really reaching him on the "don't use crass language" speech.  Maguire drove it home by saying, "It's really insulting to women."  Gan gave her the blank stare.  

Maguire then asked me if she could say it just once, considering Gan got to say it once.  (I guess her feminist ideals went out the window when the chance to use a pseudo-swear word popped up.)  I told her to go for it, and she used the same game-show-host voice and belted it out.  

The talk died down as we approached tennis lessons.  I told the big kids that I was going to miss them when they stay with Grandma and Grandpa for two nights because they make me laugh so much.  Gan said, "Mom.  Dad will still be home.  He can make you laugh."  I told Gan that Dad's not as funny as they are.  His face totally lit up and he said, "Mom.  I can teach Dad how to say 'Wheeeeeeere's Titty-Toes' and that'll make you laugh while we're gone."



Momma T and the Mighty Murphys

P.S.  Here's a pic of the only child I have who does not enjoy using crass language.

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