Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Man Time

Since Gan was born, I have been the center of his universe.  As a baby, he'd cry if anyone else tried to hold him.  I was, somewhat unfortunately, his favorite servant.  We still joke about how, whether it was tying his shoes or wiping his butt or getting him a snack or whatever, whenever someone would offer to do it for him, he'd respond, "Mommy do it." 

The upshot of all of this is that I was also his most trusted confidante, his favorite playmate, and his first choice for snuggles and hugs.  He'd never turn down a trip to anywhere with me or helping me make dinner or even cleaning toilets with me.  Whatever I was doing, he wanted to be doing it.

My Gan is quickly approaching age 5, which he told me the other day is getting "pwetty gwown up, almost as old as a dad."  During the past month or so, I've noticed him seeking out time with Ryan more and more.  The other night, he turned down reading "My Father's Dragon" with me for watching hockey with Ryan.  Two nights ago, he told me he didn't want to run to the store with me because he was watching basketball with Dad and then they were going to wrestle.  Last night, when Maguire was practicing her storytelling for the big Second Grade Storytelling Night, Gan chose to sit on Dad's lap.  

As I was looking through some old pictures the other day, I noticed these.  

Man time.  It's hunting me with a vengeance.  Next thing I know, we'll be buying a house with a man cave for these guys.  

I would feel a little sad about losing a part of my Gan, but truth is, that guy's got a huge heart.  There's always room for more.  Well, that, and he told me the other day that he didn't feel like going to school because he loves me as much as his blanket and just wants to hang out with me.  That's devotion.  


Momma T.  

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  1. So great T. Makes me smile from ear to ear, and definitely brightens a crazy day.



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