Monday, February 21, 2011

Dear Old Man Winter

Dear Old Man Winter,

We have done our best to enjoy you this year.  We applauded when you arrived before Thanksgiving, ensuring that we had a white Christmas; we celebrated you at the holidays, decorating homes and churches and streets; we rejoiced as we went sledding more times than I can count; we wore crazy hats inside and outside; we retreated to the playroom in the basement when you threatened us with frostbite.


The baby is getting really, really bitter about having to wear a coat all the time.  

His face could get stuck like that.

I've gotten to the point where I can barely even drag myself outside, even to go to the mall, even when Gan promises me he'll win me a prize, which he always does.

We've done it all.  We've done winter up right.  So why, oh why, are you dumping feet, yes FEET, of snow on us today?  Last week, Spring tried to kick you out with her 45 degree temperatures.  But you are not going quietly into that good night.  You are seriously pissing me off.  I cursed you as I was shoveling out our driveway after the snowplows plowed us in.  

I know I live in Minnesota, and I know it's only February.  I know I have months, not weeks, left of snow.  But I figured begging couldn't hurt.  

Sending no love to you whatsoever,

Momma T.  

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