Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tech Support

I run a small business out of our home office.  As a result, I am the family tech support person.  It's a dubious honor.  

I am a die-hard Mac user.  If I had my way, I'd never touch another pc again.  1-800-MY-APPLE has been  my go-to number for all of my tech support issues.  Considering I'm not actually a technologically gifted person, I call that number a lot.  If ten or so days go by without me calling them, they call me to make sure I'm okay.  It's sweet.

The other day, my printer stopped working.  The paper feed part would only feed half a sheet of paper, so it'd get all crumpled up and nothing was printing.  I considered calling my APPLE friends but figured I'd better do a little research on my own before asking them to fix a machine manufactured by someone else with a weird little, what appeared to be non-software, glitch.

So, I searched the net and found a few people who recommended turning the printer upside down and banging on the bottom.  I figured what the heck so I gave it a shot.  First time, nothing happened.  It didn't work any better than before - still no paper feed.  Second time, I heard something come loose inside the printer.  I figured that I'd busted it, until I tipped it back over and this fell out:

It's a multi-colored swirl my printer...that I need for work...huh?

I hate to point fingers, but I know who's to blame for this.  It's my copy boy.  He can't help himself when it comes to things like printers and dishwashers and the like that make noises when you hit the buttons.


Here he is trying to dispose of the instrument of destruction.

I may have to fire him.  I'll probably call the APPLE people first and consult with them because it appears to be a tech issue.  Plus, I want them to know that I solved this one on my own.


Momma T.  


  1. Your copy boy is pretty danged irresistible.

  2. I know!! That's why it's so hard to fire him!!!



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